Santa Rag Door Wreath

Create this quick and simple rag door wreath for the holidays or customize for any theme.




Cut three 11" x 14” pieces of OESD Ultra Clean and Tear Stabilizer.

Adhere the three layers of stabilizer together with Temporary Adhesive Spray.

Spray the top of the layers with additional Temporary Adhesive Spray and adhere to the wrong side of the 14” fabric square.

Hoop all the fabric and stabilizer as one and attach the hoop to the machine.

Embroider design Father Christmas #CC78234 in the center of the fabric square.

Remove the hoop from the machine and the fabric from the hoop.

Remove excess stabilizer from the back of the fabric and clip thread tails.

Press the embroidered fabric on the reverse side.


Prepare Cardboard Circle

Place the inner ring of the wooden embroidery hoop on a piece of cardboard.

Trace the inside of the inner ring onto the cardboard.

Use a box knife or a pair of old scissors to cut out the circle just slightly to the outside of the traced line. Set the circle aside.


Prepare and Attach Fabric Strips

Tear the fabric scraps into 1¼” by 9” strips. (Tear the strips rather than cut to give a “frayed” look).

Fold a strip in half to form a loop.

Place the loop under the outside ring of the wooden embroidery hoop.

Bring the two tails of the strip through the loop. Pull firmly to form a knot.

Slide the knot all the way to the screw of the hoop.

Continue to attach fabric strips in the same manner and slide each one down until the entire hoop is full. Make sure all the knots are facing the same direction. The knots will cause the loop ends to “fluff up” one side. This is the front side.

Loosen the hoop screw as much as possible.


Prepare the Embroidered Fabric

Place the embroidered fabric right side up over the top of the inner ring. Keep the design centered in the circle.

Pick up the hoop and fabric, and pull the excess fabric to the back of the inner ring.

Insert the inner ring with the embroidered fabric inside the back of the outer ring. Keep the screw of the outer hoop at the top of the embroidery design.

Continue to push the inner ring into outer ring until both rings are flush with each other.

Turn the hoop over and gently pull the excess fabric to the back. Pull a little at each section and work your way around the circle.

Continue until the front of the fabric is taut and there are no wrinkles around the embroidery design.

Trim away excess fabric on the back of the hoop. Leave only about 3” of fabric on the back side of the ring.

Fold the excess fabric to the center of hoop.

Place the cardboard circle over the back of the hoop. Press gently until the cardboard fits inside the inner ring and holds the excess fabric in place.

Tighten the hoop screw as tightly as possible. Tie a ribbon onto the hoop screw and hang.

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