Bubble Wreath

Create a beautiful bubble wreath from felt for Valentine's Day or change up the colors for any special occasion. This wreath features a LOVE Heart hanging in the center, and would be a great decoration for a wedding.



  • OESD's From the Heart #12376
  • 14” Straw or Styrofoam rounded wreath
  • 100+ straight flat head pins
  • 7/8”-1” wide white ribbon – determine desired length to hang wreath
  • 1/4”- 3/8” wide white ribbon - to attach embroidered heart ornament to wreath
  • White and red felt – 1 white for every 3-5 red pieces - enough to cut approx. (115) 4" squares


  1. Cut the felt into 4" strips and then cut each strip into 4" squares. No need to be absolutely exact.

  2. Fold the square in half to form a triangle.

  3. Take the right hand corner and bring it to the front. Line up the corners.

  4. Take the left hand corner and take it to the back. Line up the corners. All four corners should be lined up at the bottom. It should look like a bubble now. Pin through all four layers of felt.

  5. Pin the 'bubbles' to the wreath. Pin one bubble on and then place the next one close to it so that it hides the pin on the one that you just added. The bubbles should be just close enough so you don't see any of the wreath or the pins.

  6. Bring the bubbles around the edge just far enough so when the wreath is against the glass/wall the straw or styrofoam doesn't show from the side.

  7. Decide which part of the wreath you want to be the top. Remove a section of felt bubbles as in the photo below.

  8. For this wreath, we stitched out design #12376-15, and sewed in the white ribbon for hanging.

  9. Using the ribbon that is attached to the heart ornament, wrap the ribbon around the wreath, letting the ornament hang in the middle. Tie the ribbon at top where it will be covered with the felt bubbles you removed in the previous step.

  10. Now measure out the length of the larger width ribbon that you will need to hang the wreath to your desired level. Wrap this ribbon in the same spot, leaving the length at the top to use as your hanger.

  11. Replace the felt bubbles you removed in a previous step.

  12. Look over your wreath to make sure the straw or styrofoam is not showing through. If there are some spots, pin the felt so it covers it all.

Your bubble wreath is ready to hang!

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