Stitch & Turn Filigree Bookmark

Bookmarks are fun to have, fun to make, and fun to give... especially when using the easy bookmark design found in the OESD's Flowering Filigrees #12240 embroidery collection. The design is created as a quick bookmark project that is constructed in the hoop.

When the embroidery is complete, you will simply trim away the excess seam allowances and stabilizer, turn the bookmark right sides outward and finish the lower edge.

There are two options for completing the lower edge: a turn and finish option and a fringed option. Choose the one that suits your style!





Cut a single layer of OESD Medium Weight Cut-Away Stabilizer to fit an oval hoop (10” X 14”), and lightly spray with temporary spray adhesive.

Hoop the stabilizer and place the hoop on the embroidery machine



Locate the center of the bookmark front fabric and mark the center with a Target Sticker

Lay the bookmark front fabric on the hooped stabilizer, centering the fabric in the hoop.

Use the Move function to position the needle over center of the Target Sticker.

With an Isacord thread that matches the bookmark front fabric, stitch color 1.

Using the designated thread colors for the stems and flowers, stitch colors 2 and 3.

Position the fabric for the bookmark back directly on top of the bookmark front, right sides together.

With an Isacord thread that matches the bookmark front fabric, stitch color 4.

Remove the project from the hoop


Trim and Turn

Trim the sides and the lower edge of the bookmark to a 1/4” seam. Do not trim the lower edge.

Trim the stabilizer close to each of the stitching lines.

Trim the corners.

Press the side and top seams open.

Turning the bookmark right side out and use a point turner to smooth out the two corners.


Close the Opening

Option 1

Attach decorative stitch foot to the machine and center the foot on the stitched line on the lower end of the bookmark front.

Using a short, narrow zigzag stitch (SL 1.5 mm; SW 1mm) sew across the bookmark opening, securing the stitching at each end with the machine’s securing function.

Fringe the bookmark fabric between the zigzag stitching and the raw edge of the fabric on both the bookmark front and back. Use a straight pin to separate the individual threads as you fringe.

Option 2

Trim the lower edge to ¼”

Turn under and press the unfinished edge of the front and back fabrics ¼” from the raw edge.

To close the opening, either topstitch with the machine or use a hand needle.

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