SoHo Bandana

#80041 33 Designs OESD Amy Barickman

SoHo Bandana

#80041 33 Designs OESD Amy Barickman

A blend of New York chic stirred up with some southwest sensibility. Applique, reverse applique, cut satins and a hand-stitched look all add up to a unique style that you'll want everywhere!

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A blend of New York chic stirred up with some southwest sensibility. Applique, reverse applique, cut satins and a hand-stitched look all add up to a unique style that you'll want everywhere!

According to Country Living Magazine, SoHo Bandana artist Amy Barickman is one of “the most creative entrepreneurs in America.” With more than 20 years of experience publishing in the sewing and quilting industry, Amy brings a unique perspective to developing her embroidery series. She plans to offer a variety of inspiring applications for her designs, and her projects include garments, accessories and home décor. To find out more about her collection and inspiration, we asked her a few questions about her creative process for SoHo Bandana.

What was your inspiration when you were creating the art for the SoHo Bandana collection?

“I found inspiration many years ago when I started collecting vintage bandanas. I love the look and designs of the bandanas and wanted to design a fabric line around those classic patterns. It is based on graphic elements that were part of my recent fabric collection with Red Rooster, also named SoHo Bandana. I then created a book for hand embroidery based on the fabric line, Indygo Junction’s Stitched Style. This book has great ideas for projects ideal for machine embroidery as well! Vintage bandanas are always a favorite in my textile collection.”

What can people who buy the embroidery collection expect to create with the designs?

“With the SoHo Bandana line, you can refresh an old garment, embellish an accessory, or even make an entirely new project - everything from a reverse applique belt to a business card case. These embroidery designs are very versatile and can be used not just in fashion, but in home decor as well. If you are new to embroidery and aren’t sure what method you like, or even how to get started, don’t worry. You will find information on thread, supplies, and stitch instructions with the embroidery collection.”

How is the art you created for SoHo Bandana different from the art you’ve created for other projects?

“For the most part, vintage material is my inspiration. This collection is different in the fact that it is more design-focused than image-focused, and it was specifically made for fashion applications. They are great designs to add as accents on clothing and purses, as well as pillows and linens. The possibilities are endless.”

Who do you think this collection will appeal to? Do you create your art with a target audience in mind?

“We were thinking of both the more mature stitcher as well as the younger generation that is inspired by an "Anthropologie"-type style. I think the collection is suited for those who love classic, traditional style as well as someone who prefers the unique and eclectic look. This collection is ideal for someone who loves to express their personal style through what they make and wear."

The collection also features Amy’s Crossroads Denim fabric line - though you can use many different fabrics to create different looks. For more inspiration you can look at Amy’s other work, including the Crossroads series and her other lines of Indygo Junction patterns. Many designs are perfect for embellishing with machine embroidery. You can also explore her Stitched Style hand embroidery book at Indygo Junction. The Embroidery Online SoHo Bandana collection gives machine embroidery enthusiasts an opportunity to use Amy’s embroidery collection in their own projects.