Just What is Freestanding Lace?

Want to create a fun and unique machine embroidery project? You should take a look at OESD’s Freestanding Lace machine embroidery designs. Freestanding lace is unlike other embroidery designs, which are stitched onto a piece of fabric. Instead, freestanding lace designs leave you with a piece that is independent and holds itself together. With freestanding lace, you are able to make detailed pieces such as ornaments, decorations, jewelry, and more.

FSL holiday ornamentIf you’ve never worked with freestanding lace before, you’ll enjoy experimenting with the technique and the creations it makes possible. To make a freestanding lace design, you will need to embroider the pattern onto a piece of water-soluble stabilizer. Once the design is finished, you only need to soak it in water to dissolve the stabilizer. You will end up with a beautiful lace design that supports itself!

These freestanding lace holiday ornaments are a perfect example of what you can create with freestanding lace embroidery designs. These ornaments bring a special, hand-crafted touch to your holiday decor. You can hang them as individual ornaments on your Christmas tree or fasten them together to create beautiful hanging chains.

Freestanding Lace Christmas VillageAnother popular freestanding lace collection is OESD’s exclusive Freestanding Lace Christmas Village designs. The Christmas Village is a series of freestanding lace houses and accessories crafted entirely on your embroidery machine. Our designers and digitizers ensure the Christmas Village designs are simple to stitch out and assemble. They also give your home a unique holiday decoration that your family and guests will appreciate for years to come.

If you’d like to see more of our freestanding lace designs, visit the freestanding lace section of this website. We have hundreds of freestanding lace designs to choose from to suit every season and occasion. You can also browse the rest of our website for more inspiration.

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