A Different Impression

Here are some ideas for different looks using OESD's Painted Florals Applique #12505. These are all examples of the same flower (#12505-08) sewn out with three different color schemes and different types of fabric. These appliques sew out well on many of types of fabric, not just the ones shown here! The shape of this design makes it easy to combine with other designs in the collection, or you can use it as a repeating border.

For a toned-down rustic look, I used burlap for the flower and grey linen for the leaves. I left the cover stitch off of the flower so the rough edges could show on the burlap. I used warm greys for the stems, and matched the colors of the burlap and linen with the loose stitches that fill the leaves and flower. I matched the background fabric with a cream thread for the satin stitches inside the appliques. This look would be great for a country wedding, or décor that has a lot of earth tones.

I got a girly crafty look by using felt. The applique pieces are pink and grey felt with coordinating pinks and greys for the thread. I matched my background fabric with a charcoal grey thread for the satins inside the appliques. I also left off the cover stitches on both the flower and the leaves. This color way would look cute on a purse or matching fleece hat and scarf. You could also sew it on felt and cut it out to make a cute bookmark.

I was going for a Bohemian look here with brightly colored Dupioni Silk. I used coordinating red and orange thread on the flower and greens on the leaves. Since these silks can really change color with the angle of light hitting them I made sure to pick a really dark red and a really light (and bright!) orange, so the stitching would show up. I matched my thread, again, to the background fabric for the satin stitches inside the appliques. This would look great sewn on a pillow. With many designs in the collection combined, you can create a very colorful bohemian project!

*NOTE!* If you decide to leave the cover stitches off of appliques, you should trim the applique pieces just a little larger than the pattern. This allows room for any fabric shifting while the machine is stitching on top of the applique since you don’t have the cover stitch to hold the applique in place.

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