Picking Alternate Thread Colors

Designs of a Different Color - Chi Floral

Chi Floral #12493 is a collection that is DESIGNED to change colors. Here are some tips to help you achieve a color pallet you love, and that matches your project.

  • First, pick the fabric for your project. Intricate designs like these work best on a solid or close to solid fabric. Really any color will work! If you are embroidering on an already sewn or store-bought item, try and find a similar color of fabric to do several test stitch-outs on.
  • Next, pick out your thread colors. Here are some tips:
  • Pay attention to which colors in the design will get the most stitches. For example I wanted a Christmas-y color scheme here. I used a very pale tan/grey color, and a pink color used in this color scheme. They work excellent as the tiny pieces in this design, but wouldn’t have had same effect if they were used, say, where the green was used.
  • Don’t use colors that are too close together, or do, depending on which elements of the design they are for. For example, look at the smaller round flowers in these two stitch-outs: In the first one, I used colors that were so close together one might not even realize they were different colors. In the second one, I used very contrasting yellow and blue for a different effect. (On a side note, I used a tiny bit of metallic thread in the first design. That works great for the small accent areas of the design
  • Don’t be afraid to do a BUNCH of stitch-outs tweaking the colors until you get what you want. If there’s just something not quite right, try picking a slightly more toned down color for some part of the design, or a slightly brighter thread for another. Have fun playing around with the colors!
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