Chalkboard Placemat with Sock Eraser

Decorate the festive table with this fun placemat! The center portion is made from chalkboard fabric so your little goblins can write on them. Use Boo Bat as the eraser. Your “Trick or Treaters” will love him too!

Or use designs from any embroidery collection to personalize a "homework station" for your student. Easily work on math and spelling and erase as you learn!




Embroider the Placement Sides

Adhere two layers of OESD Polymesh Cut Away Stabilizer together with Temporary Spray Adhesive.

Spray the top of the stabilizer and adhere to the wrong side of the 10” x 17” orange fabric.

Hoop the three layers as one in the hoop and attach the hoop to the machine.

Select and embroider design #CC79543 “Happy Halloween”.

Remove the hoop from the machine and the fabric from the hoop. Carefully cut away excess stabilizer from the back.

Trim the embroidered piece to 3½” x 14½” keeping the design centered.

Repeat with the second piece of orange fabric and embroider design #CC79544 “Trick or Treat”.


Construct the Placemat

With right sides together, stitch an embroidered piece to each side of the blackboard fabric to create the front of the placemat.

Place the embroidered front and the back right sides together. Place the batting on top and stitch all four sides using a quarter inch seam allowance. Leave an opening on one of the orange ends for turning.

Clip the corners and turn placemat to the right side. Handstitch the opening closed.


Embroider the Spider Web on the Placemat

Hoop a piece of Aqua Mesh Plus with the shiny side up. Place the hoop’s template into the hoop and mark the center vertical and horizontal lines on the back side of the Aquamesh Plus.

Score and remove the paper from the right side of the hoop.

Mark a vertical line about 4½” from the left side and a horizontal line about 3½” from the top. (Use regular chalk to mark on the chalkboard fabric.)

Place the placemat on top of the sticky surface matching the vertical and horizontal lines drawn on the placemat with those drawn on the Aqua Mesh Plus.

Select and embroider Design #CC79517 at the marked lines on the placemat through all layers.

Remove the hoop from the machine and the Aqua Mesh Plus from the hoop.

Gently pull away excess Aqua Mesh Plus from the wrong side and carefully cut away as much stabilizer as possible.

Spritz or rinse with water to remove remaining stabilizer.

Mark another vertical line about 4½” from the right side of the placemat, and 3½” from the lower edge. Repeat instructions above and embroider another spider web at this point through all layers.


Sock Eraser

Hoop a layer of OESD Black Heavy Weight CutAway Stabilizer. Select and embroider design #CC79522 "BOO".

Remove stabilizer from the hoop and cut around the design. Do not cut the letters apart from one another.

Fold the toe of the sock toward the bottom of the sock for about an inch to an inch and a half.

Stitch on each side of the sock through all layers and stitch diagonal lines on each side for the bat’s ears following diagram.

Cut a slit in the lower middle of the one inch square of white felt to create two “teeth”. Round the two “teeth” off at the lower edge.

Use fabric glue to glue the teeth to the underside of the sock toe, and the BOO eyes onto the top portion of the sock.

Insert four fingers into the upper portion of the sock, and use your thumb to create the lower jaw.

The sock eraser is now ready to hold the chalk and draw, or open his mouth wider and “gobble up” everything written on the chalkboard!

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