Children's Clothing Ideas

by Tari Intardonato

Using a store-bought dress and embroidery designs from Spring Song by Diane Eichler #80045, you can create an adorable Spring dress for your little one. Dress it up by adding a fun swinging, twirling, hanging medallion.



  • 1 piece OESD Heavy Weight Cut-Away Stabilizer to fit medium hoop
  • 2 pieces of scrap fabric about 5” square
  • Ribbon to length you want it to dangle


  • Hoop one layer of OESD Heavy Weight Cut-Away stabilizer to fit medium hoop.
  • Use design #80045-04. Following Thread Chart instructions stitch out design.


  • Remove embroidered design from hoop.
  • With right sides together place embroider design on top of scrap fabric.
  • Following the placement line from embroidery design stitch two layers together.
  • Cut out circle about ¼” away from stitching line. Cut up to stitching line to make turning easier.
  • Being careful to separate the two fabrics cut a slit in the fabric that has not been embroidered.
  • Turn inside out.
  • Whipstitch opening closed.
  • Hand stitch ribbon to back of medallion.
  • Hand stitch ribbon to dress.


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