Children's Bookmarks and Pencil Toppers


What an easy way to encourage your child to read -- create their own fun personal bookmark! OESD has over 100 bookmark designs to choose from, or simply grab the whole collection. Some are applique, some are freestanding lace, and some are all embroidery.

Here are some bookmark ideas.

Each of the collections has instructions for how to assemble the bookmarks. Even if you only order a single design, you will get the instructions along with it.


Pencil Toppers

Our second back-to-school project features Felt Finger Puppets #12394. As puppets, these cute animals would be adorable at storytelling time. Or, as an alternative, use them as pencil toppers. What an adorable display at the teacher’s desk! Or have your student use them for their big spelling test to motivate them. This collection comes with complete instructions for making these critters.

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