Denim Locker Caddy

This small, quick and easy denim locker caddy will be great for your middle school or high school student. It features a couple of pockets for keeping pens, pencils, rulers, tissues, etc.  --  a great organizer for the stuff in their lockers. Our project showcases the OESD embroidery collection Inspiring the Mind #12159 (discontinued). We used a strong, durable fabric like denim and the original colors in the designs, which pop on the dark denim.

The supplies needed for the denim locker caddy are simple. You will need:

First, chose the designs and decided where to place them. We chose HE756_48 Imagine, HE757_48 Inspire and HE765_48 Shooting Star for the two pockets and the top center of the caddy.

Cut the denim fabric: 

  • (2) 11” x 21” (front and back)
  • (1) 11” x 13” (top pocket) folded in half to measure 11” x 6 ½”
  • (1) 11” x 15” (bottom pocket) folded in half to measure 11” x 7 ½”
  • (1) 2 ½” x 10” (dowel rod hanger)

Our finished locker caddy measured 10" wide by 17" tall  - plus 2 more inches in height for the cord. You may need to adjust your fabric sizes to fit your student's locker.

To embroider each of the designs, use two layers of heavyweight cutaway stabilizer hooped with the denim fabric. The stabilizer was cut so that it was behind the pockets when folded in half and not trimmed away when finished. For the top of the caddy, the stabilizer extended out beyond the fabric for hooping. If you want to place your designs accurately on the denim fabric, then use double sided fabric tape on the inner hoop of your embroidery hoop. Place it on your fabric with the plastic template in it to hoop accurately. The double-sided fabric tape keeps the hoop from moving on you when you hoop it.

To embroider the pocket, fold and press in half, and then unfold, place two pieces of heavyweight cut away behind the fabric up to the fold line and hoop. We didn’t center the embroidery on the pockets. On the bottom pocket, the embroidery is closer to the left side, and on the top pocket, the embroidery is closer to the right side.

After embroidery is complete, fold the pockets in half. Place the bottom pocket with the raw edges even along the bottom and sides to the front piece and pin. Measure 3” from the top of the bottom pocket up and mark on both sides. Right sides together, place the raw edge of the top pocket to the marked line and pin. Stitch ½” seam.  

Bring the top pocket up matching the raw edges on both sides of the caddy. Pin and press. Topstitch the bottom of the pocket.


Baste along all the raw edges of the pocket and caddy. Depending on where you placed your embroidery on the pockets will determine where you stitch a line to make two pockets. With our designs, we measured ½” from the embroidery design and drew a line, then stitched along each of the lines on each pocket to form two unequal pockets.

Place the cord 2” from either end with the raw edges even with the top edge of the caddy.

Right sides together, place the back on top of the front piece over the cording. Pin in place. Stitch ½” seam, leaving an opening at the bottom. Trim corners. Turn right side out. Use a point turner to push out the corners. Press. Topstitch all along the edges closing the bottom opening.


In order to keep the locker caddy from bowing when hung, add a hanger on the back with a dowel rod in it to keep it straight across the top. To make the hanger, use the 2 ½” x 10” piece of denim fabric. Turn the short ends under ¼” twice and topstitch. Right sides together, fold in half with raw edges even. Stitch ¼” seam. Turn right side out. Press with seam in the back center. Place on the upper top back center of the locker caddy and pin. Hand slip stitch along the top, sides, and back of the hanger. Insert the dowel rod.


Hang in the locker with a removable hook. We hope your student enjoys this fun locker organizer!

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