Embroidered Pencil Bag

Always a back to school staple, create a zippered pencil bag for your student. Download our easy instructions to make the pencil bag shown above, featuring OESD’s embroidery collection Delicate Floral #12172. Our pencil bag measures about 9” by 5”.

Change it up! Use any color of fabric – try denim! Choose any embroidery collection that fits the personality of your student. You have about 3” x 8 ½” for the area below the zipper, and about ½” x 8 ½” for the area above the zipper. If you choose to embroider a design on the back of the case, you have about 4 ½” x 8 ½”.

One good choice would be Back to School 3 #11910. "A+" would be so cute on the front!

Or for the older student, use Inspiring the Mind #12159. Imagine the possibilities!


There are so many ways to personalize this pencil bag, and your student will love having something special. Share your creativity with us by emailing us a photo. Create! Inspire! Craft your passion!

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