Mythical Horses Travel Case

This travel case lining allows a hot curling iron or flat iron to be packed. Fun and functional for all your travels.




Embroider the Pocket

On the pocket fabric measure and mark a horizontal line 5 inches from the bottom.

Measure and mark a vertical line 4-1/2 inches from the side.

Where the two lines intersect will be the center of the embroidery.

Adhere two layers of OESD Ultra Clean & Tear Stabilizer together with temporary spray adhesive.

Spray the top of the stabilizer and adhere to the wrong side of the pocket fabric for embroidery.

Hoop the three layers as one and attach the hoop to the machine.

Select and embroider the design of your choice. Remove the hoop from the machine and the fabric from the hoop.

Carefully tear away the stabilizer from the back one layer at a time.

Trim this piece to 5.25” X 20” keeping the design centered in the lower half of the rectangle.


Construct the Case

Fold the pocket in half lengthwise with right sides together. Stitch along the left side using a 1/4 inch seam.

Turn to the right side and press.

Fold the front fabric in half and press to mark the center.

Pin the pocket in place with the stitched edge along the fold and the raw edges along the right and lower edge of the cover fabric.

Stitch the pocket down the left side.

Baste the right and lower side in place.

To form the case, place the front fabric and the silicone fabric wrong sides together.

Zigzag or serge around the four sides to hold all three layers together.

Fold and press the binding to create a double fold tape or use purchased double fold bias tape.

To make double fold bias tape, press a ¼ inch hem on each side of the length of the binding strip.

Fold the tape in half with the edges slightly off set

Starting at the top edge of the pocket, stitch the binding along the side, across the top and down the other side stopping even with the pocket top.

Fold the case in half matching the binding and the lower edges.

Zigzag along the lower edge and bottom to hold the layers in place.

Fold a hem at the beginning of the binding.

Stitch the binding to the lower half of the case on the right side starting at the top of the pocket and ending at the lower left edge.

Again, fold a one half inch hem to end the binding.

Place the iron in the case and the cord in the pocket to travel.

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