Sewing Bagettes

by Tari Intardonato

Keeping organized helps you live hassle free and get your projects done. Dress up your sewing room with these adorable embroidery designs and stay organized at the same time! This pattern, "Bridget's Bagettes" from Atkinson designs will store your supplies in style. The clear vinyl on the pocket of the bagette lets you see what is inside. Keep small objects protected and neatly stored. Great for your rotary cutter, scissors, seam ripper, wonder clips, pins . . .

This perfect companion to this pattern is the Sew Charming Shapes embroidery collection from OESD. Here are some tips for adding embroidery to this great pattern:

Select your favorite designs from OESD's Sew Charming Shapes #12465. I used the following designs: #12465-01, #12465-02, #12465-03, #12465-04, #12465-06, #12465-07, #12465-08, #12465-10, #12465-27 and #12465-28.
Cut fabric, vinyl, and fusible fleece according to pattern directions.

Embroider designs: #12465-27 and #12465-28, for large bagette.

Fuse polymesh on back pocket print.

Sew contrast fabric to vinyl. Leave paper backing on to help with sewing.

Attach zipper using Clover Wonder Clips.

Sew zipper using zipper foot.

Cut pocket to size per instructions. Move the zipper pull to center before cutting.

Attach pocket to contrast print. Even though the contrast print is larger than pocket, attach at the top edge of contrast print and bottom edge of contrast print.

Trim corner for bulk.

Turn right sides out.

I did the mitered corners, which I like, but I bet the simple corners would have been super simple. Miter corners using Clover Wonder Clips.

The Clover Wonder Clips really work well to hold the fabric in place.

This is the large finished bagette! Cute as can be!

The Bridget's Bagettes pattern contains three handy sizes – make them all!

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