Gingerbread Houses Placemats and Napkins

by Tari Intardonato

Set the perfect holiday table with Gingerbread Houses by Crabapple Hill #80036 using these unique and whimsical gingerbread house designs.

To make the placemat you will need:

  • Your favorite designs from Gingerbread Houses by Crabapple Hill #80036
  • CRAF-TEX Double-Sided Fusible Plus Placemat Craft Pack
  • 4 purchased napkins
  • Extra wide double-fold bias tape
  • Fat Quarter
  • Embroidery Thread


Fuse Fat Quarter to CRAF-TEX Double-Sided Fusible Plus Placemat following package instructions. Trim excess fabric away from placemat.

Choose your favorite Jumbo Hoop design from #80036 Gingerbread Houses by Crabapple Hill. Using the Jumbo Hoop and tear-away stabilizer, center purchased napkin in the hoop and stitch design using recommended thread colors.

After design is completed, center design over placemat and fuse. Trim away excess napkin fabric.

Sew extra wide double fold bias tape to edge of placemat.

Add a design to a purchased napkin to complete your Holiday table.

BONUS: Try adding crayon tinting to your embroidery design. Crayon tinting adds depth and life to the embroidery design. It is as easy as grabbing your crayons and coloring within the lines.

Start with light strokes and build up the color.

Place a clean sheet of paper behind and on top of your crayon tinted embroidery. This will help soak up the crayon wax and help to prevent damage to your ironing board and iron.

Use high heat to set the colors.

This is every bit as fun as when you were in elementary school!

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