Seasonal Stitchery Modern Quilt

The Seasonal Stitchery Modern Quilt boasts designs for the Christmas season like the poinsettia appliqué, dancing snowflakes, the Christmas tree and JOY along with a couple of swirls. This small (approx. 24" square) modern quilt is an adaptation of a pattern called "Swoon" at thimble blossoms by camille roskelley. You will need this pattern in order to make the quilt.

Seasonal Stitchery #12515 is a distinctive machine embroidery collection that celebrates the holiday seasons of joy and love. Each design is carefully crafted with multiple innovative hand-stitched styles. The modern appliqué designs are so charming, and the digitizing offers superb quality. Some selections include swirly Christmas trees, snowflakes dancing on the wind, blooming poinsettias, extra sweet candies and a few loving hearts for Valentine’s Day.

Blocks are stitched using five different fabrics - off-white solid, sage green solid, red solid, blue print and off-white linen. There are basically two types of blocks for this quilt - a half square triangle and a flying geese unit. A few off-white solid squares and rectangles fill in the gaps.

For our small modern quilt, the squares and rectangles are cut smaller than the original pattern instructions. The large center square is 1" smaller; the small squares at 1/2" smaller; and the rectangles are 1" shorter and 1/2" narrower. The final result will be a quilt approximately 24" square.

Follow the diagram below for the placement of the fabrics for the quilt top.

Once the quilt top is finished, the next step is to stitch the embroidery. The designs from Seasonal Stitchery #12515 are 12515-08 Poinsettia 1 Appliqué in the center of the upper left hand block, with three 12515-05 Snowflake 1 surrounding it. The 12515-01 Christmas Tree 1 stitched on the upper left off-white solid area, 12515-18 Joy stitched in the lower bottom right off-white solid area, and two swirls 12515-20 Swirl 1 and 12515-22 Swirl 3 on the bottom left corner block. Use two layers of a tear away stabilizer. After stitching, remove the stabilizer.

The back of the quilt is a large nine patch block, with six half-square triangles and three squares.

The quilting is an outline 1/4” around different aspects of the blocks, accenting both the quilt blocks and the embroidery. The binding of the quilt features mostly off-white solid with a spray of sage green solid and red solid to frame the quilt.

The Seasonal Stitchery Modern Quilt can be stitched in your choice of colors for the Christmas season. The designs in the Seasonal Stitchery #12515 embroidery collection can be used all year round. Consider making a modern quilt using the heart designs for Valentine’s season.

Enjoy stitching this beautiful collection.

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