Illuminated Words Table Runner

by Tari Intardonato

Are you looking for a creative way to enhance your table?  And by “creative” I mean easy! Try adding life and personality to your table using a Chalkboard Table Runner from All About Blanks and OESD’s embroidery collection Illuminated Words #12490.

Here's what you'll need:

All About Blanks Chalk Table Runner comes looking like this:


Press it flat by ironing the backside.

Bring design #12490-18 into your software or sewing machine.  Mirror image and rotate to create center design. 

I reduced the combined design to 94% to fit inside the hoop.

Find the center of the All About Blanks Chalk Board Table Runner and stitch out design.

Choose your favorite designs from Illuminated Words #12490 from Embroidery Online and stitch onto the runner.  (I used designs:  #12490-03, #12490-04, #12490-05, #12490-06, #12490-07, and #12490-08).
At each end of the runner I added design #12490-19, after I had increased it 200%.
Designs in Machine Embroidery’s Snap Hoop Monster

 A couple of tips:
To hoop the Chalk Board Runner use a “magnetic hoop”.  (I used the Designs in Machine Embroidery’s Snap Hoop Monster)
No stabilizer was used.

You certainly could decorate your chalkboard table runner the old fashion way, with colored chalk, but the permanent no smudge embroidery does the job lickety split!  I wanted to feature Illuminated Words #12490 to personalize my runner.

That is it!

The possibilities are endless.

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