Trapunto Pillow

Classy and elegant, this simple to make pillow will grace any corner of your home.




NOTE: Use ¼” seam allowances throughout this project unless otherwise noted.


1. Follow the basic trapunto instructions using the 10” x 14” fabric for the front of the pillow and stitch designs OC870035 and OC870036 - Feather Roses.

2. Stipple around design as desired.

3. Trim this piece to 7½” x 10½”, centering the embroidery.



4. With right sides together, place the long sides of the 4” x 7½” strips of fabric on the short sides of the embroidered piece and stitch. Press the seams toward the borders. With right sides together, place the long sides of the 4” x 18” strips on the long sides of the embroidered piece and stitch. Press seams toward the borders.

5. Using the temporary adhesive spray to adhere the layers, create a quilt sandwich, centering the batting or flannel on the muslin, then placing the embroidered piece on top of the batting, matching all raw edges. Machine baste the pieces together ¼” from the raw edges. This completes the front of the pillow.

6. For the back of the pillow, turn ¼” under and press one long side of each of the two 9” x 18” fabric pieces. Then press under ¾” and stitch down next to the fold.

7. Lap one folded and stitched edge 1” over the other folded edge. Stitch the raw edges of the lapped pieces together. Centering the Velcro® on the lapped edges place one side facing up on the bottom lapped edge and the other side on the bottom of the top lapped edge. Using an iron, fuse the Velcro® in place. Press back opening. This completes the pillow back.

8. Placing right sides together, stitch the pillow front and pillow back together using a ½” seam. Turn and press seams.

9. Fill the pillow with a purchased or self-made pillow form.

Your classy Trapunto Pillow is complete!

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