Here at OESD, we've gone crazy lately with In the Hoop projects! So welcome to our In The HooPALOOZA!

In the Hoop projects are designs and collections that are made in the hoop of an embroidery machine. Usually, the project is completed in the hoop, and sometimes hand sewing is used to finish the project. Many embroiderers like the results of having a completed project finished quickly.

At OESD, we have designed several in the hoop collections over the years. There are several bookmark collections to choose from, as well as Minkee Pals. Other collections include napkins and napkin rings, ornaments, coasters, play sets, finger puppets, and for Halloween, Stitch n Turn Spooks. You can find all of our In the Hoop designs here. Let’s take a look at some of the newest ones.

The In the Hoop Zippered Pouches #12519 feature four different shapes and sizes of a zippered pouch created in the hoop of your embroidery machine. It can be used for carrying your passport or cell phone. An iPad or Kindle or another small device can fit in the larger sizes. With embroidery software, it is simple and easy to drop in a design before the final stitching line. The complete sewing instructions are included with the In the Hoop Zippered Pouches. There is also a helpful video tutorial to learn how to make these quick and easy pouches.

I have made several with different embroidery collections, like Halloween Couture #12513 and Seasonal Stitchery #12515.

Here is one I made that can be used for a make-up bag. Add the initial using embroidery software, and the design, Perfume & Lipstick Brushstroke #NZ244 from I Enjoy Being a Girl 1 #11822 (discontinued).

This is just a sampling of the many ideas to make the In the Hoop Zippered Pouches. The possibilities are endless!

The next In the Hoop project was created in honor of Watermelon Day for the 3rd of August. It is the In the Hoop Watermelon Coin Purse #19999-021 and is an amusing, wedge-shaped, green and red with black seeds zippered purse.

The complete instructions are included with the design. There is also a short instructional video to watch.  This is a fun and quick project for those who love watermelons.

Another unique in the hoop project is the In the Hoop Cactus Pincushions #12529. I think pincushions are always a great gift! Be sure to watch the YouTube video demonstrating how to make these not-too-prickly felt cactus pincushions.

Here is a fun In the Hoop project for kids and kids at heart, In the Hoop Ninja Pouch #19999-022. The complete instructions are included with the In the Hoop Ninja Pouch design. The original colors are black and red and also one in pink. What other colors would you make yours in? Your team colors or simply your favorite colors would be a good idea, especially if you are making them for lots of kids! Get creative with the color combinations.

The next In the Hoop project is another zippered pouch in the shape of a favorite food, the hamburger! In the Hoop Hamburger Pouch #19999-023 is about as tasty as any of them. You can change the thread or fabrics to make it the way you like! Great gift idea for those wanting to carry lunch money or cards as a wallet!

In the Hoop Cup Koozies #12536 are simple-to-stitch koozies that make great gifts for everyone! There are 6 with designs and a blank one for your own design. They are easy to personalize with a monogram, school name or Greek letters using embroidery software. They are made with cotton fabric and Insul-Bright, which is a needle-punched, insulating material ideal for hot or cold. Wrap around your favorite cup and fasten with an elastic loop and button. Which one will you make? I drink tea so I will make the ones with tea designs. I think I will make a few for gifts also.

Here is another comical zippered pouch, In the Hoop “Zip It” Grumpy Man Pouch #19999-027. I think it will make a humorous gift! 

We have looked at several of the In the Hoop projects. Have you got your supplies ready? It won’t take you long to make the projects. Let us see the ones you decided to make in honor of our In the HooPALOOZA! Take a picture of your project and send it to We just might post it on our social media.

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