Elegance Entwined Tote Bag

Create a personalized zippered tote which features colorful bias binding on the outside embroidered pocket.




Cutting Instructions

From the denim:
• Cut a piece 17” x 15” for the pocket.
• Cut a piece 24” x 46” for main body of the tote.

From the striped cotton:
• Cut a piece 14” x 12” for the pocket lining.
• Cut three bias strips - length of fabric - the width needed according to the bias binder attachment.


Embroidery Instructions

Cut a piece of the stabilizer 17” long. Spray one side of the stabilizer with 606 Spray. Place the wrong side of the denim on the sprayed side of the stabilizer.

Press the denim to the stabilizer according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Cut a piece of the stabilizer large enough for your hoop. Spray the stabilizer with temporary spray adhesive.

Lay the fabric/stabilizer with the stabilizer side to the sprayed side of the stabilizer. Hoop these three layers.

Place the designs at least 2” from each edge. Embroider the design(s). Our sample included two of the design Cowboy Boot #CC88006 & Sweet #CC88054).

Remove the hoop from the machine. Remove the fabric from hoop. Cut away the back layer only of the stabilizer. (If you have to hoop more than once, repeat the above steps.


Sewing Instructions

Trim the pocket to 14” wide x 12” tall, keeping the design centered. (The center is 7” from each side and 6” from top or bottom of the pocket.)

Spray the back side of the denim pocket with temporary spray adhesive. Lay pocket lining right side up to the sprayed side of the denim pocket.

Finish off all pocket edges with a serger or by a narrow zig-zag with a sewing machine.

Put the bias binder on the machine. Thread the fabric into the flat bias binder.

Bind the pocket sides. Trim the binding even with the pocket sides.

Thread another piece of bias fabric in the flat bias binder. Sew the flat bias until you have 6” of bias. Slide the pocket top into the binder and bind the top of the pocket. Sew off the pocket and continue sewing binding for 6”. Repeat for the bottom of the pocket.

Across the 24” side on the denim tote piece, draw a line 5” from the top of the bag on each side of the bag. This is the fold line for the top of the bag.

For the handles, cut the webbing in half. Finish off the ends by melting with a lighter.

For the placement for the webbing, draw a line 6” from each 46” side, on both sides of the tote, 5” from the top and extending 6”. Sew the webbing on the tote.

Mark the pocket placement 4 7/8” from the side, and 7” from the top of the tote. Mark the top and bottom lines all the way to the sides. Pin the pocket on the front of the tote. With the edgestitch foot, topstitch along the sides of the pocket, sewing the pocket to the tote.

Pin the binding from the pocket on the lines extending to the side. On the top of the pocket, topstitch the binding down, stitching into the pocket a 1/4” keeping the pocket top open.

Repeat for the other side of the top of the pocket. On the bottom pocket, topstitch all the way across the pocket. Where there is only binding, sew another line of stitching to keep the binding flat on the tote.

Serge or zig-zag the top edge. Fold the finished edge back 1/2”. Press. Pin the zipper right side up to the underside of the tote, so that the zipper teeth are totally exposed. With the zipper foot, topstitch the zipper in place. Repeat for the other side of the zipper.

Sew the tote sides:

Slide pins into the bottom fold of the tote. Fold the side seam to the bottom. A triangle shape will form. Measure 2 1/8” from tip down bottom seam. Draw a line across bottom seam. It should measure 4 ¼”. Sew triangles on each end of the bottom seam.

Turn right side out. Your bag is complete!

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