Graceful Gardens Small Quilt

OESD's Graceful Gardens by Kaye England #80044 embroidery collection features 22 designs. About half of the designs are outline designs, some single-colored and some multi-colored. The designs take you outside a cathedral to the gardens flowing in the breeze. The colors are soft yet visible from afar. A small quilt (24” square) was created using the larger flowers as the center block on point and accented with the leaf corners and leaf accents. The fabric colors were chosen from the designs themselves.

The complete and detailed instructions for the small 24” quilt are in the Graceful Gardens by Kaye England #80044 embroidery collection.  The design I chose for the center block is the "Flowers C" #80044-09. Its size is 9.21” x 7.64”.

Note about hoop sizes:  Depending on your embroidery machine and its maximum hoop size, you will need to determine which Flower design to use. For most embroidery machines, Flowers B #80044-08 will work. Its size is 6.58” x 4.31”. If you happen to have a larger hoop for your machine, then you could use the one we chose. There are 3 sizes in this Graceful Gardens #80044 embroidery collection of this same flower.  If you have a smaller hoop size then you would be able to use multiple designs for the center block

I decided to use the flowers on point for the center quilt block and build the quilt from those flowers. So the other designs were selected to frame the on point center block. I chose the other fabric colors from the colors in the design. I took fabrics and placed next to the embroidered design to verify the colors matched.

The green fabric that I chose from my stash of fabrics was perfect. I was very excited, and I noticed the selvage. Some selvages have printing that tells where the fabric came from. This fabric turned out to be a Kaye England fabric! And I had plenty of it for the borders and the back.

I wanted to accent the center flowers, so I chose fabrics in a burgundy and a soft pink. After determining and stitching the triangles and other borders, I was ready to embroider the rest of the quilt top with the accent designs. The leaf accent design #80044-06 was stitched in two opposite triangles. The leaf corner design #80044-05 was stitched in the other two opposite corners, mostly on the outer border. I placed them on the outer border corners, making sure the designs would not interfere with stitching the binding. The quilt top was now complete.

Here is a tip: if your machine does not cut the jump threads, or if you have your jump threads deactivated, after clipping the threads, use a lint roller to pick up the threads. It works wonderfully!

Now we are ready to layer and quilt the quilt. To layer a quilt sandwich, place the back wrong side up, cotton batting, and then the quilt top right side up. Also, make sure your quilt back and the cotton batting are at least 1” larger than the quilt top. Use curved safety pins to baste the layers together.

Quilt as desired. I decided to use free-motion quilting around the on point center block in a pink, and I used a green thread for the borders. I also stitched in the ditch along the burgundy triangles and pink borders using the pink thread. I used the green thread in the bottom on both. I chose a couple of colors of thread and placed them on the fabrics to be quilted unwound from the spool and doubled to help in deciding which colors. The pink I actually used is darker than the one shown in the photo. After conferring with one of the artists, I decided it would show up better.

After quilting, finish the quilt by adding the binding. Your small quilt is now complete.

This quilt would also be stunning with one of the cathedral designs as the center design. Again, you will find the designs in two sizes and two different looks. Which one is your favorite? Mine is the larger cathedral with the leaves along the bottom.

You will enjoy this beautiful Graceful Gardens by Kaye England embroidery collection. Create a garden haven with these beautiful designs! It sure does remind me of sipping tea while experiencing beautiful and graceful gardens.

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