The Creation of Modern Petals Tiling Scene

Ever wonder how the creative designers here at OESD develop innovative ideas into products? Here is a small insight into the very beginnings of our Modern Petals Tiling Scene #12548 embroidery collection.

A tiling scene is generally designed as one large, picturesque scene using embroidery, or sometimes embroidery and applique together. The scene is then divided up into tiles, at times with strips of fabric in between to resemble window panes. The individual tiles are embroidered, and then the embroidered tiles are stitched together along with the borders.

As an industry pacesetter of tiling scenes, we wanted a new perspective on the traditional design, and this time chose to think outside the box. We desired a tiling scene that was modern and versatile; one that our creative customers could use for other projects besides the construction of a tiling scene. And the idea for Modern Petals Tiling Scene was born.

The concept development started with the layout of multiple flowers on the scale of a tiling scene. The selection of multiple “hodge-podge” fabrics and threads gave the design a modern feel. Mock-ups were used to determine color placement.

The basic flower shapes were designed and another mock-up created to see how the art looked together.

The next step was sketching the details of the flowers for the final designs. Working with the digitizer, we designed fun combinations of patterns using unique stitch types for an exceptional twist. Once all the sketches were complete, a third mock-up was printed.

Lastly, after all the final images were rendered on the computer, the art was pieced together on paper at actual size for one last look before handing off to the digitizer.

The Modern Petals Tiling Scene embroidery collection is made up of “building blocks” of flower quarters. The blocks can be arranged in any combination of patterns, utilizing a variety of fabrics.

Be creative and dip into your fabric stash to build any size of tiling scene, or consider creating pillows, table runners, tote bags or coasters. Some examples of our projects are shown here:

The embroidery collection comes with complete instructions for creating the tiling scene. Watch our webinar for further information about creating a table runner, pillow and coasters. Modern Petals Tiling Scene is the perfect collection to unleash your creative passion for embroidery. Be sure and email us photos of your final projects, and we may post them on our social media!

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