Fashion de Fleur Skirt

This quick and simple tutorial shows you how to stitch a beautiful floral design from Fashion de Fleur onto a skirt.





• Prepare garment by washing and ironing.

• Pick a design - we used #82021-32. Print design on the rough side of StabilStick sheets. Be sure to mirror your motif if doing a symmetrical design.

• Fuse or baste stabilizer into place. Rough-cut designs from StabilStick and stick it on the desired area for embroidering.

• Hoop skirt with stabilizer, position the hoop so that the needle aligns with the center of the crosshair on the printed design template, rotate if necessary. REMOVE STABILSTICK TEMPLATE before stitching, add StitcH2O to the top of hoop/fabric to prevent snags/pulling of fabric threads (you can use tape to adhere topper to fabric). Be sure to move any loose pieces of skirt out of the way of embroidery module/unit so it doesn’t get caught in the stitching. Embroider designs.

• Tear away the topper, it is water-soluble, so remaining bits can be removed with water. Remove stabilizer.

• Use OESD's Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth to enhance your design.


• StabilStick is tacky and can be used several times without losing adhesive qualities, feel free to move designs around until you are satisfied with the placement.

• If you are embroidering a delicate fabric and are concerned that StabilStick will pull threads/distort your garment, make it less sticky by adhering it to strong fabric like denim/canvas, carpet, etc. before placing it on your garment.

• Always remove StabilStick before beginning embroidery.

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