A Festival of Roses by Jackie Robinson

Say hello to spring with this collection of realistically rendered roses by Jackie Robinson. With so much detail and depth, you'll swear you can smell them!


Double Roses

91116 stitches
9.18" x 5.95"

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8,483 stitches
2.50" x 2.05"

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Rose 1

34698 stitches
3.69" x 4.41"

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Project Idea

Summer is here and what better way to celebrate than with a DIY project! Living in the South can be exceptionally hot outside so I like to wear silhouettes and fabrics that are easy breezy. I've had this off-the-shoulder top on my "DIY to do list" for awhile now and finally got around to making it. The pattern for the top is a simple project to create from scratch if you follow my tutorial here. I then added some machine embroidery using OESD's Folk Art Flowers #12113 collection along the ruffle to add some pop of color. Get the details here and make your own.